Diversified Equity Market Neutral Fund

Investment Approach

Our investment philosophy combines a quantitative approach with fundamental analysis. We believe this combination creates a highly disciplined and repeatable investment process and is a key to successful investing. We have designed and employ a multi-factor model that emphasizes factors that have historically proven to be effective at differentiating between strong and weak performing investment opportunities.

These factors measure:

Valuation, Growth, Business Quality, Management Behavior, (including Environment-Social-Governance factors), and Investor Dynamics.  We analyze these factors using both quantitative and fundamental investment analysis.

Risk Management

We use valuation analysis, experience, judgement, and disciplined risk controlled quantitative techniques to construct portfolios. We construct our portfolios to minimize unwanted risk exposures. We control for factors including: liquidity, size, sector exposure, currency and country exposure, industry exposure, position size, and company specific factors. Our portfolios are reviewed and rebalanced on a regular and ongoing basis to maintain the desired risk reward target.


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